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FIP ( Feline Infectious Peritonitis) in cats is widely known in the past few years to be a deadly virus causing many cat parents to bid their loved ones farewell for good as cats with this disease have a very low chance of survival. In addition, the treatment is quite difficult, as the vet can only treat symptoms such as puncturing the abdomen and removing the fluid which will only cause more suffering to the cats. As for the results of the treatment, there is a very small chance of success and cure as well. However, now, with scientific advances, we have found a treatment with "GS-441524" that has yielded satisfactory results.

The BASMI FIP GS-441524 is an experimental FIP treatment that had undergone research and is proven by a team of experienced researchers in the USA from the University of California, Davis. The researchers found that a compound made to fight the human Ebola virus is very effective in treating FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis), a disease that used to be a death sentence to cats. It can be cured effectively with a recovery rate of more than 80%, hence all cat owners can trust our product as our GS-441424 is 99% pure.

With BASMI FIP's desire to provide cat owners suffering from this disease to have access to GS-441524 in Southeast Asia (ASEAN) and around the world, our employees from countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, China, India, Thailand, and Philippines are working hard to make cat owners happy with their beloved cats. 

BASMI FIP also hosts online and offline seminars to educate veterinarians and cat owners across Southeast Asia who cares about how to treat and care for cats with FIP effectively and appropriately

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