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Why we created a 20mg/ml GS 441524 Formulation

Why we created a 20mg/ml GS 441524 Formulation

We formulated a 20mg/ml concentration of GS-441524 for the treatment of Feline Infectious Peritonitis, an industry first, for 3 REASONS.


That dreaded event when a cat seemingly fought and won against FIP virus, only to fall victim to it several weeks or months later.  Relapse happens to all brands.  Some of relapse cases are caused by poor quality of the GS used.  Others are due to improper dosage.  And of course, there are genetic and environmental factors which we can't control.  

Relapse certainly has happened to cats using our brand.  After treating thousands of cats, we have calculated the percentage of cats fallen victim to relapse using our brand to 2.6% when treatment recommendations are followed religiously. 

But more often cat owners contact us after their cats have relapsed after completing treatment using another brand.  Usually they have lost faith in their former brand, or they simply want to try another brand hoping to avoid another relapse.  Of the relapse cases that have came to us for help, a large number of them used Oral GS-441524 during initial treatment.  [Read: Should I choose Oral or Injection forms of GS-441524?]

Reason 2:  Larger Cats 

Even after treating 6000+ cats, we are still amazed at the size and weight of modern cats that have grown up eating formulated diets.  It is not rare to receive photos and videos of 5, 6, even 7kg cats.  For larger cats, injections using 15mg/ml can be difficult and painful.  

Let's take a 5 kg cat diagnosed with neurological FIP as an example:

  • Using 15mg/ml, one injection requires 3.33ml

  • Using 20mg/ml, one injection requires 2.50ml

As you can see from the calculations above, the 20mg/ml formulation requires 0.83ml less per injection.  For those who are not familiar with subcutaneous injections, 0.83ml is a lot of fluid to inject into an average sized cat.

Reason 3: Neurological FIP 

The window for treatment for cats suffering from neurological symptoms is closing fast.  The amount of FIP virus and its progression inside your cat's the body is reaching the tipping point of biological shutdown.  Cats with neurological symptoms need large amount of GS-441524 to arrest any further FIP virus replications .  Only then can we bring them back from the brinks of death and begin the healing process.  Cats with neurological symptoms on average require the lengthiest treatment  and the largest dosage.  For neurological cases, we strongly recommend providing two injections per day during the beginning stage of treatment, 12 hours apart; each injection using 50% of the daily recommended dosage.  From our experiments, this is the most reliable way of delivering consistent and sufficient amount of GS-441524 directly to your cat's bloodstream to arrest FIPV replications.

We greatly hope that our 20mg/ml formulation will increase the success rate of FIP treatment while making the treatment a lot easier for cats and its caregivers.  

The above information is provided for your reference and does not constitute as medical advice. For questions specific to your cat, please contact us via our website

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