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Getting the dosage right for severe FIP cases

Recently, we have encountered several FIP cases whereby the kitten passed away after 1 or 2 injections.  In these cases owners started the treatment on 4mg/kg dosage because they worry that a higher dosage may cause shock to their cats that were already in an extremely weakened state. Cats are most often diagnosed during the late stage of FIP infection. During the late stage you may only have a few days to apply our FIP treatment and rescue your cat from the grip of death.   Often doctors don’t stock FIP treatment in their clinics, it may take several days between FIP diagnosis and receiving the treatment.  In extreme severe cases, a HIGHER dosage, not a lower dosage is needed to increase the probability of saving your cat’s life. Should your cat’s body get enough dosage of GS441524 to arrest further FIPV development, and be strong enough to survive the next few days, under good care and proper nourishment, he/she will have a very high probability of defeating the FIP infection. Therefore, in extremely severe cases, give MORE not LESS GS441524 than the recommended dosage below:  

Wet FIP: 6mg/kg

Dry FIP: 8mg/kg

Neurological FIP: 10mg/kg

Ocular FIP: 10mg/kg

Adjust the dosage if your cats belongs to a situation mentioned below:

  • Wet FIP, no longer eating, no energy for the whole day.

  • Kittens with Wet FIP.

  • Dry FIP, no appetite and no energy, started to show neurological symptoms.

  • Relapsed FIP.

  • Shows no improvement after 14 days of treatment.

  • Suddenly shows symptomatic regression during treatment.

Weigh your cat weekly and adjust the dosage accordingly. Do not decrease the injection dosage if your cat’s weight decreases or remains the same weight as before. Decreasing dosage can jeopardize the treatment. You may follow this formula to calculate the dosage for your cat :
Cat’s current weight (kg) x increased amount of dosage (mg/kg) / concentration of gs = daily injection amount (ml)

You may use our dosage calculator to calculate the appropriate dosage for your cat:

Starting with a higher dosage or increased dosage during treatment will NOT cause harm to your cat. Overdosing is better than underdosing.  There are no known negative side effects when cats are given higher doses of GS441524 during treatment.  In severe cases, we suggest that you increase the dosage by 2mg/kg from suggested dosage above to start the treatment. You may also refer to the previous blog (link) where we discuss things that you can do to prolong your cat’s life while waiting for GS441524 to arrive.

Contact us  if you are unsure about the correct dosage for your cat’s situation. Our experts will happily assist you to find out the dosage for your cat to start GS treatment. 

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